Kiba Walker is a voice actor and musician based out of the west coast, whose credits include Earthlock: Festival of Magic (Amon, Gnart), Seiyuu Danshi (Haato), Camp Buddy (Keitaro Nagame, Aiden Flynn), Zolobarth-bi (Maximus Crom), Always Raining Here (Adrian Hlavacek), Seduce Me 2: The Demon War (Soldier), Return of the Guitar Lord (Scurvybreath), Zoolaplex (Mike Connelly, Tyler), Victus Vincimus Veterans Revenge (Eike Crimson), Aptitude (Wyatt McFly Blakely), and he’s also featured in the highly popular YouTube channel, Aphmau, on her shows Minecraft Diaries (Liochant, Roco) and Phoenix Drop High a school (Kacey).
His channel, KibaKovers, provides English adapted covers of popular anime and video game themes, as well as mashups, pop/rock tunes, and more. His debut album, XO, came out in May of 2016, and since then he’s been working on his new project, SINNER. Kiba has worked with the likes of YaoiPress, LLC, Mikkoukun, NexGen Gaming Studios, and also has his own indie creations company, ThatOneStudio.
Born in Tacoma, Washington, Kiba has been obsessed with the industry since age six and has been working in all facets of entertainement since then. He’s very excited to come to Anime Festival of Wichita, and to Kansas for the first time!