Cosplay and Skit Events

If you have purchased a ticket for AFW you can pre-register for the Cosplay Contest, Cosplay Show-Off, or Skits online!  You can sign up online or at the cosplay sign-up table at the convention.  All sign-up is on a first come first served basis.  Sign-up for the Cosplay Contest, Cosplay Show-Off, and Skits ends one hour before the contest starts Saturday at the convention or when the maximum number of contestants is reached. You must register even if you just want to walk the stage to show off and are not competing.

How to Register for the Cosplay Contest, Cosplay Show-off, or Skits:
Step 1: Click the underlined link below
Step 2:  Click on the red “Get Tickets Now” button
Step 3: Click the green “Tickets” button
Step 4: Scroll all the way to the bottom of the list of tickets and get ONE free ticket for what category you want to enter
Step 5: Fill out the information and click “Complete Registration”


All cosplay events are open to all paid attendees of AFW. However we have limited time/space so please register early. All types of cosplay are allowed and encouraged.  All contestants ages 9 and below must be accompanied by an adult guardian.


Saturday – Cosplay Competition – this contest will be judged
Sunday – Skits and Cosplay Show-Off

Sign-Up Table Times
Friday:  4:30pm-7pm
Saturday:  10:00am-1:00pm (Cosplay Contest sign-up ends at 1:00pm Saturday)
Sunday (Skit and Cosplay Show-Off Only): 10:00am-12:00pm

Saturday – Cosplay Contest
-1:00pm – ALL Cosplay Contest entries must be signed up.  No cosplay contest entries will be
allowed after 1:00pm
-1:30pm – ALL Cosplay Contest entries must attend the mandatory Prejudging at room 210A.
*Prejudging may take multiple hours, please eat before you come to prejudging*
-4:00pm – After being prejudged, please return to room 210A to prepare for the contest
-4:30pm – The cosplay contest will begin
Cosplay Contest winners will be announced at 9:30pm at the beginning of the dance

Sunday – Cosplay Show-Off and Skits

Costume guidelines
Please remember this is a family friendly event. Do keep your costumes street-legal, and refrain from using bad language, rude gestures, or any racist, sexist, or demeaning remarks. Keep it clean and fun for everyone!

You must be able to walk a flight of stairs unimpaired in your costume, go through standard-sized doorways (at least sideways), and sit comfortably. If you feel yours is a special case, or have a question, e-mail the Coordinator:  Also read rules for weapons – signs – panhandling.

Stage Rules

Cosplay Fashion Show entries are limited to approximately 30 seconds of stage time. Please plan out poses and stances in your costume(s) before going on stage.  You must stay onstage throughout your presentation. Please do not go out into the audience, hang over the stage side or even approach the stage side or stairs until leaving the stage at which time you will be directed where to go.

Weapons and Props Guidelines

All realistic-looking firearms must have government safety orange visible. No real firearms are allowed on premises, also no metal weaponry. No harmful or potentially destructive materials or substances are allowed, including but not limited to fire-based effects (open flames, explosives, flash paper) silly string, paint, tobacco, powder, goo spraying out of dead daemon’s neck, no live animals, confetti, props that break into more than four pieces. During cosplay nothing should hit the floor.


State law, Hotel rules and AFW’s general rules supersede cosplay rules. Please be respect the convention space and be mindful of others.

Removal or Disqualification

The Cosplay Coordinator and AFW staff retains the authority to remove anyone from the Cosplay Competition, Cosplay Show-Off, or Skits at any time for any reason seen fit. There will be no appeal.

Cosplay Skits

Skits are separate from the cosplay contest.  Saturday cosplay contestants are allowed to take part in skits on Sunday.  Each Skit entry is limited to 5 people on stage at one time max. Skits must not be longer than 5 minutes.  Please take as little time as you can for setup.

Please no acrobatics, jumping on or off the stage, if two or more people are on the stage fighting please rehearse it before the convention and perform at 1/2 speed.
Judging and Awards

Judging Categories:
Junior: – Ages 9 and under

Beginner – Contestant has not competed before in any cosplay or costume contest
Contestant has competed before but has either never won an award or has won one award.

Intermediate – Contestant has competed in any cosplay or costume contest before and has won 2 or less awards of any kind.

Masters – Contestant has competed before and has won 3 or more awards.
Contestant has professional experience and has an income from their work.

Best In Show – This award is given to the contestant or contestants (If it is a group or team)can be chosen from any category.  This award is given to the best costume overall in the cosplay contest.

Judges Honorable Mention Awards – Judges will choose contestants that appeal to them and give them their personal award

Hallway Cosplay – 1 Weekend pass for 2018 and a $50 certificate from the Burrow

(Sub category ) Craftsmanship – Contestants must provide at least 2 photos of the character you are portraying and 2 or more photos of YOU in the process of making your cosplay. You have 2 options for submitting your photos.

1. Email your photos to *******
2. Print your photos and bring them to prejudging on Saturday, June 24th

If you do not wish to be judged on Craftsmanship, simply do not bring photos.




Skits – Skits are separate from the cosplay contest.  Cosplay contestants are allowed to take part in skits on Sunday.  Each Skit entry is limited to 5 people on stage at one time max. Skits must not be longer than 5 minutes.  Please take as little time as you can for setup.

1st– $30 cash sponsored by KonzaCosplay: Cosplayers of Kansas

2nd– $25 Gift certificate sponsored by The Burrow

Craftsmanship Beginner  – $30 Gift Certificate sponsored by The Needle NOOK
1st– $45 Cash

2nd– $40 Gift Certificates sponsored by Kays This N That

Craftsmanship Intermediate – $45 Cash
1st– $65 Cash

2nd– $50 Cash

Craftsmanship Masters – $65 Cash

Judges Honorable Mention Awards

Best in Show – $100 Cash

1st– $80 Cash

2nd–  $50 Cash



Cosplay Contest winners will be announced at a time to be announced.

Cosplay Show-Off drawing winners, Hall Cosplay winners, and Skit winners will be announced at the closing ceremonies on Sunday. If you won’t be able to be there, please inform the Cosplay Coordinator and they can get in touch with you at a later date.

The competition will be video taped and photographed by AFW staff for judging, archival, or promotional purposes. By entering, contestants give permission for their images to be recorded and used by AFW and Wolfmoon Productions LLC.