Cynthia Cranz has is a professional actress, best known for voice work in Anime and video games. Her break out role was as Chi Chi in Dragon Ball Z (beginning in 1999 through current), Boton – Yu Yu Hokusho, Mitch – Case Closed, Paninya – Full Metal Alchemist, Bellemere – One Piece and Mitzi in Shin Chan. Other notable roles include: Ping Pong – Emiko, Princess Jellyfish – Chieko, Summer Wars – Rika, Lupin The Third – Diana, Big Windup – Coach Momoa, Negima – Fei Ku, Kodocha – Hisae, Soul Eater – Lisa, Gun Slinger Girl – Ferro. Beet The Vandel Buster – Arin, Black Blood Brothers – Sayuka, Corps Princess – Rika, D. Grey-man – Sarah, Darker Than Black – Shizuka, The Devil Is a Part Timer – Miki, Dragonaut : The Resonance –  Shelly / Fafner: Dead Aggressor : Heaven and Earth – Yumiko, Desert Punk – Dog Girl, Fruites Basket – Mitsuru / Tohru’s Aunt, The Galaxy Railways – Liza, Ghost Hunt – Noriko, Glass Fleet – Muscat, Hell Girl – Yuko, High School DxD – Mira, Kenichi: The Mighty Desciple – Saori, Kiddy Grade – Marieanne, Linebarrels Of Iron – Chisato, One Piece – Onion, Michiko and Hatchin – Joanna, Rin: Daughters Of Mnemosyne – Youko, Romeo and Juliet – Handmaiden, Rosario + Vampire – Tsurara (Misore’s mom), The Sacred Blacksmith – Justina, Save Me Lollipop – School Nurse, Shiki – Nau, Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning – Reiko, Trinity Blood – Lilith, Moon Phase – Shizuru, Monster Tale – Ethan, Space Dandy – Meow’s Mom.