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Erica Mendez

Erica was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago. She became interested in voice-over during her early teen years through anime and video games. Making up and imitating voices from her favorite shows and [...]

Samurai Dan

Dan Coglan, a.k.a. "Samurai Dan" is an acknowledged master of martial mayhem. He travels the civilized portions of the U.S., bringing a unique show to curious and horrified audiences alike. In addition to high-energy, mostly [...]

The Slants

Portland's The Slants are the first and only all-Asian American dance rock band in the world. They offer up catchy dance beats, strong hooks, and a bombastic live show that is "not to be missed" [...]

Beard and Bean

During the Dinner with the Stars event, you can join in on the fun with Beard and Bean as they once again host "Are you Smarter than a Voice Actor?" This is a rare opportunity [...]

Leah Clark

Leah Clark is a Random Force Of Nature working as a voice actress and script adapter for FUNimation Entertainment and voice artist for DuArt Films. She has also worked as a director for FUNimation as [...]

Susanne Lambdin

Susanne Lambdin, master of Horror, Sci-Fi and Steampunk, is a pop culture trifecta of writing. She is currently traveling the country promoting her Dead Hearts Zombie book series. Her current book has gone STEAMPUNK. She [...]

Damien Zimmerman

Kansas native Damien Zimmerman is a self-taught special effects and makeup artist working in Hollywood, California. After beginning to build haunted houses at the young age of 13, he went on to co-create the "Zombie [...]

Rachael Messer

Rachael has voice acted in numerous animes, cartoons, video games, radio plays, and commercials. She has worked with FUNimation in animes such as Sankarea, Date A Live, Robotics; Notes, Fairy Tail, Red Data Girl, and [...]

Ogawa Burukku

Ogawa Burukku is a professional artist, webcomic author, translator, and storyboard artist. She works and lives in Tokyo, Japan. In 2004, Ogawa Burukku moved to Japan to work in the field of manga. She worked [...]

David Vincent

David Vincent is a professional voice actor / television producer based in Los Angeles, California. He has lent his voice to a variety of animation / anime and video game titles, as well as numerous [...]

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